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"We don’t have a jobs crisis in the world, we have a skills crisis", referring this quote Muwazi founded in 2014 as a training provider with a mission of presenting training programs in IT/Engineering that fills the gap between what business needs and what traditional education provides.

Through this duration, Muwazi succeeded to provide its services through 3 models; free sessions in universities, training workshops and graduation projects support program.The main activity of Muwazi over the academic year 2014/2015 was the graduation project support program for university students who have graduation projects in the field of IT. We received more than 90 requests to join the program, and we accepted only 6 groups to join the program. Our acceptance for the groups was mainly based on the team attitude, and their willingness to learn.Our main success was embodied in the winning of one of the joined group with the 2nd place in MIE, and 3 other groups are joined now to an Bedaya business incubator.

Activities & Achievements

Free Sessions In Universities

Free workshops inside many faculties

Technical/Business Consultancy

Graduation Projects & Startups Consultancy

Winning Projects

One of muwazi supported projects gained the 2nd place in MIE Competition

Free Workshops

Free workshops about cutting edge open source technology and advanced business skills


Muwazi is an online interactive educational system focused on IT/ Engineering training. It offers an environment where learners can write code, try algorithms and build full applications through a walkthrough system. It offers a completely working environment that facilitate, enable, educate, train and give the users a real world experience on what to expect when facing technical challenges.


You will start with a problem to solve.


A fully integrated environment with all required resources up and running so simplify the focusing on your problem.

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